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New Year, New You – Get Your Energy Back!

New Year, New You – Get Your Energy Back!

Do you constantly feel tired, no matter what you’re doing? Wake up fatigued even after a full night’s rest? Feel incapable of completing even the simplest of tasks without taking a break?

You’re not alone. In today’s busy world, many adults report feeling worn-out – and research shows that women are even more exhausted than men. There are many factors that could be at play, but often it’s because our biochemical and nutritional “selves” are out of balance.

As we head into the new year, it’s the perfect time to make health and wellness a priority – and to help you achieve your health goals all year long, I’ve put together a list of my four favorite tips. Follow these simple suggestions and watch your energy skyrocket:


Next time you’re feeling sleepy, try reaching for a glass of water: if your body is dehydrated, one of the first signs is feeling fatigued. 

Researchers estimate that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated – a condition that’s 100% preventable. Because our bodies are primarily made of water (up to 60%), proper hydration is essential to keep things running smoothly. Many essential processes, including digestion, nutrient absorption, detoxification, and even body temperature control depend on it.

Unsure how much you need to drink? Most experts recommend consuming at least half of your body weight in water each day.  Hydrating the body properly and sufficiently is the key to restarting your body’s communication systems and energy producing processes.  What many people don’t know is that water is utilized within our bodies at the cellular level, both within the cells and outside of the cells.  Sometimes, our bodies actually “forget” how to utilize water properly which can mean that simply drinking more water may not be enough to rehydrate the tissues and cells.  In that case, you may need a simple remedy such as Energetix ReHydration to get your system back on the right track.

Eat to Feel Good

Fact: changing the way you eat can change the way you feel. Ditch the fast food and frozen pizza and make nutritious choices instead. Swapping out processed foods for fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats and fish are all great ways to be kind to your body.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t have to give up everything you love.  Make one or two adjustments at a time, and as your body’s chemistry changes, you’ll find yourself easily making more changes.

Some simple ways to make great food choices include:

  • Keep snacks like nuts, seeds, cut veggies, or plain popcorn on hand to help avoid grabbing convenience foods throughout the day;
  • Pre-portion lunch and dinner so they’re ready to go when you’re busy or tired;
  • Eat small meals and snacks throughout the day rather than three large meals;
  • Try foods with a low glycemic index, meaning their sugars are absorbed quickly, to avoid that mid-afternoon dip.

Fill Nutritional Gaps with Quality Supplements

No matter how well you eat, it’s likely that you suffer from a nutritional deficiency.  You aren’t alone.  It is a well documented fact that 92% of the American population suffers from some type of either vitamin or nutrient deficiency (or both).  Several studies show that most people fall short of their needed consumption of vegetables and fruit – and when we fall short there, we miss out on many essential vitamins and minerals. Without them, our bodies can’t operate optimally.

A quality multivitamin, probiotic, prebiotic or digestive enzyme might just help make the difference. Just make sure you choose options with high-quality ingredients in the right delivery form.  These additions to your diet are important keys to your health, so it is imperative that you don’t “cheap out” on the supplements you purchase.   

Get Plenty of Rest

This might seem obvious, but if you’re tired all the time, maybe the problem is that you don’t get enough sleep. Lack of sleep, or quality sleep, unsurprisingly, is one of the leading causes of daytime fatigue.

If you do fall short on rest, try to take a brief afternoon nap. Just beware: napping more than 30 minutes can disrupt your sleep that night. Even better? Try a short nap followed by a cup of green tea, which offers a little bit of energy-boosting caffeine and loads of good-for-you antioxidants.

Final Thoughts

If nothing seems to work and you’re tired of not feeling your best, schedule your free consultation today and take that first step toward living well and reaching your healing potential.

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