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Dealing With Seasonal Allergies

Dealing with Seasonal Allergies

Right now, in the dead of winter, many people cope with the cold, short days by daydreaming of spring, when they can plant their gardens and spend time outside. But for seasonal allergy sufferers, the thought of spring with its budding leaves and flowers may serve as an unpleasant reminder of the stuffy nose and itchy eyes that come with the change of season.

More than 50 million people (8 percent of adults) in the U.S. endure allergy symptoms in the spring and fall from triggers like pollen, weeds, grasses, hay, dust, and mold. Reactions vary from a runny nose to allergy-induced asthma.

An allergy is the body’s immune system response to a substance that acts as an allergy trigger or allergen.

Allergic Reaction & Symptoms

Usually, the body’s immune system response to allergens is an inflammatory one.

Once exposed to an allergen, the immune system overreacts by producing excessive Immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies to the allergen threat. These antibodies cause the allergic reaction. The immune system then responds by signaling cells to release histamines. Histamines increase blood flow to the affected area, resulting in inflammation inside the nose (rhinitis), sinuses (sinusitis) or airways (asthma).

Histamines also cause the typical symptoms of seasonal allergies: sneezing, nasal congestion, scratchy throat, watery and irritated eyes.

Bioenergetics & Imbalance

With allergies, the immune system becomes overly sensitive to a normally harmless substance. This stress on the immune system causes it to overreact. What if there were a method of clearing out (desensitizing) the body and its systems, getting it to respond differently to the presence of an allergen?

The body is a compilation and delicate balance of energy down to the molecular level, known as bioenergetics. Meridians and energy pathways make up the electromagnetic dynamic of the entire body. Energetic imbalances along with genetic predispositions can be the cause of many ailments, including allergies.

Allergies become blockages in the body’s energy pathways. Techniques such as electrodermal testing analyze subtle expressions the body communicates through its energetic signatures, helping to identify these blockages. Removing the blockages restores the body to balance and stops the allergy symptoms.

A Healing Approach to Allergies

While an over-the-counter regimen may help control allergy symptoms, side effects often leave many people tired and frustrated. Additionally, controlling the symptoms does not reach down to the underlying cause.  So, the next time you are exposed to the same irritant, you will have to reach for that same over-the-counter medicine, again.

Perhaps it’s time for a new approach.

Through various therapies and techniques, Healing Potential looks at the underlying causes of allergies, then re-educates the body’s response to offending substances.

Maybe this year will bring spring fever rather than hay fever. Schedule a free consultation today to learn how Healing Potential uses allergy clearing therapy plus proper supplementation to restore true foundational health.

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