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How Can Nutrigenomic Testing Work For You?

How Can Nutrigenomic Testing Work for You?

We are all attempting to achieve our optimal health. This can involve a lot of tactics, including but not limited to, doctor visits, exercise, vitamin supplements, holistic practitioners, and cutting-edge technology. The truth of the matter is that everyone is genetically unique. While it’s true that vitamin supplements are good for your health – it’s not true that the same exercise regime, multi-vitamin or diet will achieve the same result in each person.

How can you uncover what your body really does or doesn’t need?

Genetic Testing

Science has come a long way. Today, individuals can obtain a DNA analysis that gives validation on why certain nutritional and supplementation methods and techniques work and why others do not. There are scientific reasons why some folks are prone to certain health challenges but others have no issue at all. After years of research and testing, it’s been discovered that over 75% of all people have some sort of significant genetic variations (SNPs) that impact the way nutrition and supplements work. Since nutrition is a key component of a body’s ability to be healthy, these variations make a bigger impact than most people realize.

Why Do You Need Nutrigenomic Testing?

It can sound overly complicated and scientific, but here are some facts that we know to be true:

  • Your genes are activated by common chemicals and/or substances that you consume and are exposed to in your daily environment.
  • Those same genes are thought to play a role in whether or not you become susceptible to chronic diseases.
  • Your diet is known to be a risk factor in a variety of serious and deadly diseases.
  • Best practice nutritional information works for some people but not for everyone.
  • Being able to identify an individual’s physical reaction to a variety of different nutrients, foods, and environmental stressors allows you to develop a personalized approach to your daily life that could improve your health, give you more energy and even help tackle the challenges of chronic disease or other ailments.

 How Can You Get Tested?

DNA testing is a simple, non-invasive process. A simple saliva test is all that’s needed. There are a variety of genetic tests available, but not every test is right for every person.  We recommend you call to discuss your challenges, interests and needs and we can help advise you about which test is best suited for you.  Feeling good, but just interested in what may be lurking in your genes?  In that case, we recommend the test that looks at 55 genetic markers, giving you an overall look at your own genetic makeup including your inflammatory responses, metabolism, toxicity levels, cardiometabolic health and more. While nutrigenomic testing cannot predict, diagnose or cure disease, it can pinpoint genetic markers within your system and showcase how they respond to your environment.

Call us today and unravel the mysteries of your health and your body so your wellness approach has the information it needs to finally achieve optimal results. Find out more about Nutrigenomic Testing on our website.

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