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Genetically Designed Nutrition

Genetically Designed Nutrition

Food as medicine is a common belief now and while most people understand this fundamentally, it doesn’t make changing our lifestyle any easier. Plus, the results can often be slow and disheartening.

While it’s true there are things you can start doing today to improve your diet and to feel better, it may not be enough. However, if you went into this lifestyle change empowered with data about your own body and what does and does not work for you – that could be just the information you need to make long-lasting, dramatic and impactful change.

Your Body, Your Rules

Even the healthiest, most disciplined individual can’t fight their own DNA. Your internal processes either work optimally or they don’t. Diet, exercise and supplements are all good practices but it’s a blind approach. These activities are done in hopes they will help a person feel better and be healthier. While focusing on these approaches is certainly better than doing nothing, if you really want to improve the way your body works, you have to know what you are working with (and against).

Everyone is Different

Our tolerances for specific types of food are absolutely a part of our DNA. If you don’t know that you struggle to process protein, or that eggs are your enemy, you could go your entire life eating in a way that makes you feel bad. It doesn’t matter if Keto did wonders for your best friend if bacon causes you indigestion. The nutritional recommendations for you are going to look much different than for your neighbor or your spouse. Arm yourself with science and data by approaching nutrition with information about your own genetic disposition.

Food as Medicine

This is about more than just your meals and snacks. If food truly is medicine, many of the illnesses and ailments you struggle with could potentially be linked to what you do or do not consume. A number of health-related problems could be identified through nutrigenomics testing and then a plan developed to get better quickly.

Using Nutrigenomics to uncover answers can be helpful with metabolic health factors, food sensitivities, weight management, digestive responses, eating behaviors and overall nutritional needs. It’s so simple but many people don’t even realize how relevant genetically designed  nutrition can be for their overall wellness. Find out more about how Healing Potential can finally get you on the road to a healthier you this year.

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