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Top 5 Environmental Allergies During Summer

Top 5 Environmental Allergies During Summer

An environmental allergy is an immune system reaction to something in your surroundings. These, usually harmless, elements can cause a variety of symptoms for individuals triggered by their environment.

Possible Symptoms

For those who haven’t had a history of allergies, they may first exhibit symptoms that mimic the early stages of a cold. The key is if your runny nose, watery and itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing is more of a common friend instead of something that comes, keeps you down for a handful of days, and then goes away.

Common Environmental Allergens

What are the culprits in your indoor and outdoor environment that could be causing you discomfort?

  • Pollen –Dreaded pollens are the most well-known seasonal allergen, and they can come from many sources such as weeds, grasses, flowers, bushes and trees.
  • Dust mites – The most common indoor allergen? Dust. Within the dust in your home are tiny bugs, and if you are allergic to dust mites you’ll need to focus heavily on cleaning.
  • Pet Dander – Not only can pet dander impact you at home, if you go to another location including a public space, home or car that has pet hair – you’ll most likely be triggered.
  • Smoke – Cigarette smoke, smog and anything contributing to a loss of air quality can be an environmental trigger.
  • Mold – Too much mold is harmful for anyone. However, some people may find they have extra sensitivity to mold, causing difficulty breathing, coughing, sneezing and itchy skin. Where does mold hang out? It loves damp areas like your bathroom – or basement.

Protect Yourself at Home

The first step to any physical problem is to think about prevention. Your home is your sanctuary. Therefore, start where you spend the most time – your house. Some things you can do right away to help eliminate environmental allergies include:

  • Get a HEPA air filter – Not only should you use indoor air filters, they should also be changed regularly. This has a huge impact on the air quality inside your home. People who invest in an air purifier that uses a HEPA filter will have even better results.
  • Cleaning Routine – Whether you do it on your own or enlist help, keeping your home clean and dust-free is essential. There are allergen-proof covers you can get for your pillows and mattresses but a regular routine of cleaning, washing, dusting and vacuuming is still needed.
  • Keep Them Closed – As great as the outdoor breeze can be, if you are affected by environmental allergens, you’ll need to keep the windows and sliding glass doors closed.
  • Dealing with Pets – If you know pet dander is one of your triggers, you’ll need to make tough choices in regards to pets. At the very least, keep your furry family out of your bedroom since you spend so much time there. Outdoor pets will need to be cleaned and groomed more often to keep the dander down.
  • Personal Care – If you love to be outdoors, make sure to shower and clean up as soon as you get home. Keep necessary supplies, like nasal spray, nearby for use as needed. Probiotics may also be helpful for improving gut bacteria, as there are studies linking gut health and seasonal allergies.
  • Yard Work – If pollen, grasses, or weeds are tough on you consider wearing a mask while doing yardwork and showering immediately afterward. You could also hire a local teenager or company to care for your yard instead.

Allergy Clearing Therapy

The basic concept behind allergy clearing work is asking the body what it is currently seeing as an enemy and enabling the body to recognize that same substance as a friend.  Various questions are asked of the body to find out what will allow this beneficial switch to occur. Clearing out these allergies and sensitivities is one way to improve the overall immune system. Many people report noticing an improvement in just a few clearing sessions, but the full benefit is seen over time with the combination of the clearing plus proper supplementation.

At the end of your rope when it comes to environmental allergies? Have you tried everything but just can’t seem to get any real relief? Let’s get you on track to feeling your best self as soon as possible. Contact us today!

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