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How Acid Reducers Are Hurting Your Body

How Acid Reducers Are Hurting Your Body

Acid reducers are medicines used, without a doctor’s prescription, to reduce symptoms of heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion. There are three types of acid reducers: antacids, H2 blockers, and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). Unfortunately, many people are using these aids on a regular and prolonged basis.  Prolonged use can cause problems for individuals using them more than 2 or 3 times a week to tackle indigestion.

The Impact of Acid Reducers

The near immediate relief people experience from using acid reducers explains their popularity. They are easy to purchase, easy to use, and probably make you feel better in the short-run. However, if you are using them consistently you have an underlying health condition that needs to be addressed. While antacids are effective in delivering relief, prolonged use of them can cause other problems and uncomfortable symptoms.

Gut Nutrients

A better approach would be to focus on your levels of gut nutrients and try to identify what is causing the heartburn or acid reflux. Gut health is important and impacts how the rest of the body functions, so finding the source of the issue will help cure the problem and eliminate the need for over-the-counter medication. Our body’s natural systems work hard to protect us, but deficiencies, chronic inflammation, and toxins impact the digestive system’s ability to do its job well.

Genetic Testing for Inflammation

By itself, inflammation is actually a positive body response as it is triggered when our body reacts to infections, injuries, and toxins. The natural inflammatory process recognizes there is something happening in our bodies that needs attention. Once identified, it increases the flow of blood to the area and transports cells from the immune system to attack the problem. Chronic inflammation is not natural and can lead to long term issues or exacerbation of underlying problems, including susceptibility to seasonal illnesses.  Chronic inflammation can be a clue that something else is going on inside the body that needs to be addressed.

Chronic inflammation can affect the effectiveness of your immune system which is your body’s last line of defense against viruses and disease. Decreasing levels of inflammation and boosting the immune system through supplements and vitamins is an effective way to maintain your health year round. First, you must understand what your body does and doesn’t need to reach optimal levels.

Nutrigenomics takes the mystery out of why you feel the way you do by creating a profile based on your own DNA response. This profile will help you determine your personal recipe for supplementation, nutrition and exercise your body requires to maintain its health and fitness. It can also determine which nutrients your body needs more or less of to prevent chronic diseases such as stroke, heart disease, cancer, and more. The information is all right there – in your DNA code.

Instead of masking the symptoms of poor gut health, Healing Potential looks at healing the problem at the source so there is no need for acid reducers at all.

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