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Environmental allergies, food and chemical sensitivities are afflicting more and more people every day.  Many individuals find themselves allergic or sensitive to any number of substances including: molds, pollens, foods, animal dander, medications, additives, chemicals, fabrics, and more.  Reported symptoms can range from mild to life-threatening, and many people find themselves with no good answers about how to treat these reactions.  Although Eastern and Western medicine differ greatly on opinions as to how and why these reactions happen, the one thing that is consistent is the belief that the nervous system has become over-reactive.  In a healthy, balanced body, this over-reaction is not normal, and certainly not productive.  Clearing out these allergies and sensitivities is one way to improve the overall immune system.

The basic concept behind allergy clearing work is asking the body what it is currently seeing as an enemy and enabling the body to recognize that same substance as a friend.   Various questions are asked of the body to find out what will allow this beneficial switch to occur.

Many people report noticing an improvement in just a few clearing sessions, but the full benefit is seen over time with the combination of the clearing plus proper supplementation.

What is the BioSET System?

The foundational concept behind The BioSET System is that the gastrointestinal system and the brain are intimately connected. This connection goes both ways.  A distressed gut sends signals to the brain just as a troubled brain sends signals to the gut. Both of these systems regulate the immune system. If a person is consuming food or beverages that they are intolerant to, have sensitivity to or do not digest, it will cause stress on the digestive system which in turn, causes stress on the brain and immune system. This stress on the immune system causes it to over react, leading to weakened immune function, sensitivities and chronic illness. The illnesses may manifest as something simple like a cold or allergy to chronic conditions as well as conditions resembling autoimmune disorders.

We can eliminate the root cause of sensitivities and illness by ensuring the complete digestion of foods using a variety of TheramedixBioSET enzymes, detoxifying, reinvigorating with vitamins & minerals and utilizing the BioSET System to ReSET imbalances in the body. This results in a completely unique, individualized, multifaceted approach to better health and well-being.

The BioSET System is unique because it is the incorporation of many philosophies and techniques as opposed to a one viewpoint approach. These philosophies and techniques include true nutritional and functional medicine, enzyme therapy, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic care, cranio sacral therapy, acupuncture and integrative medicine. The BioSET System surveys numerous subtle expressions of what the body is communicating to us via energetic signatures rather than remedying based solely on symptoms. By investigating the energetic imbalances in the body we can assess each client’s individual needs and provide a natural program to aide in rebalancing the entire system.

Balancing one area without balancing the others is not enough to establish whole body well-being.

A one viewpoint approach may simply cause a greater imbalance in the body. It may temporarily eliminate the original symptoms but it also may force the body to express the imbalance that was causing the symptoms in a more severe manner. Symptom suppression can result in the return of the original symptoms or new symptoms appearing because the source was not corrected.

The BioSET System’s collection of foundational healing: Detoxification, Enzyme, Nutrition and Reset Therapy are carefully balanced to restore true foundational health.

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