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Unresolved negative emotions like grief, regret, disappointment, sadness, and anxiety can affect your mind and physical health. Emotional clearing is a way to dive deep into the roots of those negative feelings and heal them. When those roots are cleared, you will feel freer, happier, and be the person you were meant to be. Those emotional triggers that controlled your life will begin to lessen any power over you.

What is Emotional Clearing?

Emotional clearing is a proven fusion of Eastern spiritual and Western psychological principles. It is an easy process that begins with guided assistance but can be done on your own as needed.

Similar to the allergy clearing technique, emotional clearing is a method that uses consciousness and energy healing to quickly release energies and emotions that are latent in the human body.  Whether the emotions are tied to negative past events or current stressors, emotional clearing helps reset the negative energies that affect you to this day. Studies have proven that over 85% of all illnesses can be related to unresolved negative emotions.

So how does emotional clearing work?

Emotional clearing is an inner-directed approach. This means that we work together to get to the root of the problem and isolate the most important issues you face. Emotions can be like a domino effect. As more things happen in your life, those negative roots get deeper and tougher. They can tangle and choke the joy out of your life and keep you from reaching your life’s goals. Once we remove those roots and let the scars heal, your mind and body can be free of the burden it has faced. The best part of emotional clearing is that most people report they feel better almost immediately.

Through this clearing process, feelings of sadness, regret, anger, and disappointment, can be addressed very rapidly – often within minutes.  Many people report that once the emotional issues are focused on, they notice the beginning of healing. Others report feeling happier, freer and finally able to move on. Sometimes, clients come back and tell us that not only do they feel better emotionally, but certain physical ailments they once suffered are also beginning to heal because of the release of the underlying emotional stress that may have contributed to the health challenge.

We want you to heal and be free of those negative emotions and triggers that keep you from living your best life.

What is the session like?

An emotional clearing session is a guided session where we find the root, face it head on, and begin the transformation process. It has five steps.

Deep Relaxation

Deep relaxation is where you calm the analytical side of your brain: the reasoning, thinking, planning, worrying, doing, etc. side. This quieting of the left brain lets you access your right brain functions more effectively. You can operate on the emotional level and access those deep and hidden feelings that came from the emotions in your life.


Awareness is the next step and it comes in several parts.

Become aware of the feeling behind your emotions.

Acknowledge how the feeling is triggered by or projected onto an event or feeling.

Take responsibility for that feeling.

It is a natural instinct to suppress pain inside our minds and bodies. We build blocks and resistance against the things that hurt us. This resistance is where most of the health-damaging effects take place. That act of suppression keeps those emotions inside.


Awareness opens you up, but acceptance allows you to drop your inner resistance and surrender completely to the feeling so that you can process through it and clear the blocks holding you back.

This doesn’t mean accepting negative people or circumstances. We’re talking about your feelings and how they relate to those things. Inner resistance might have taken form through behavioral modifications such as overwork, avoidance, anxiety, judgment, and more. Sometimes drugs, food, sex, entertainment and exercise can divert us from our feelings.

Emotional avoidance can also be more subtle. Often times, it can emerge as worrying, controlling, judging yourself and others, controlling behaviors, and constantly talking about emotions without experiencing them. It can also emerge through relationship dependencies. These are all forms of physical and/or psychological addiction. Finding the source of your resistance lets you move to the next step.

Experience & Clearing

Now that you have identified your resistance and have softened it up, you can reach down into your deep-seated feelings. This is where Eastern practices come in. Through meditation, bodywork or energy healing you allow your conscious mind to come to rest so we can work together to “clear” or “reset” that emotional imbalance. This is the beginning of your release. Negative feelings such as guilt, grief, fear, anger, heartbreak, humiliation, anxiety, hatred, frustration, loneliness and more can emerge and then those emotions can be removed.

As each emotion is identified and cleared, the intensity you feel from that emotion will naturally wind down and you will notice a shift in your awareness. It will feel like a shift toward release. We will go through this process for each emotion and some may take multiple clearings to release you. Don’t feel discouraged. You’re still moving forward, and that’s the most important thing for each session.


This final step allows you to process difficult feelings easier. Once you experience the feeling of clearing these emotions that have affected you for so long, you will move into a self- healing state which allows you to analyze and observe those emotions. You feel genuinely peaceful and accepting so that you can face your feelings head-on with confidence. This merging of left and right brain analysis allows you to reduce resistance, release the feelings, and move forward in a positive way no matter what emotions you face.

If you want to make a big shift in your life and free yourself from the negative emotions impacting your life, emotional clearing may be exactly what you need. By getting to the root, releasing and resetting it can we stop the patterns of behavior affecting you today. If emotional clearing is something you’re interested in, or if you’re not sure where to begin, contact us for a free consultation.

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