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Genetics and genomes have been making huge strides in scientific research but also when it comes to utilizing genetic knowledge in practical ways. Current studies are the basis for the gene technology that is becoming more prevalent and useful in the ways we live and work each year. From identifying markers for rare diseases to understanding mutations in DNA sequences, the world is just beginning to uncover the vast potential held within our own genetics.

It is becoming more and more evident that you don’t have to be a slave to your genes.  Science is beginning to identify that you aren’t always stuck with what you are born with and, in fact, many of our daily functions affect our genes.  The medicines we take, the food we eat, the environment we live and work in, the people we have interactions with, movement and exercise, sleep schedules and even the way we age – these can all impact our DNA. In years past, there wasn’t much we could do about these changes in our genetic makeup. Today, it’s a whole new world.

What is Nutrigenomics?

This emerging science uses molecular tools to access and understand an individual’s response to stressors including environmental, dietary and pharmaceutical.  Understanding our body’s response to these stressors, and how it may affect our genetic make-up, is a huge step towards moving to a healthier lifestyle. Personalized health plans can be created using nutrigenomics testing that not only helps with lifestyle and diet but can also be used to improve a variety of other physical ailments. Our environment along with the food and medication we put in our bodies are key aspects of our overall health and well-being – way beyond weight loss – and this cutting-edge science can lead us to solving a number of health concerns.

It’s not that the current methods doctors, nutritionists, and wellness people advocate for are wrong, necessarily.  They too have science and research to back up their advice and recommendations.  The unique, and missing, piece to the puzzle is the genetics piece.  Each individual is genetically different, and that can dramatically affect what health or nutritional recommendations are appropriate for each different person. It doesn’t matter how solid the nutritional or physical science is if you don’t understand how your own genetics impacts your body. Everyone should take time to test and understand how their body’s genetic variants impact their health and wellness. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to supplementation, nutrition, and environmental considerations precisely because each body reacts differently – based on their genetics and other variants – to what it is being exposed to.

Did you know that the genetic makeup of a person can be used to predict the right combination of supplementation, nutrition, lifestyle changes, and exercise you need to keep healthy and disease free?  It’s true! There are currently genes being tested and looked at for potential polymorphisms that may affect overall health and nutrition.  Through the scientific study of individualized genetics and the interaction of nutrition (nutritional genomics or “nutrigenomics”), we can help identify each client’s genetic protein variations and therefore sites of potential metabolic and cellular weakness.

Nutrigenomics is a scientific discipline that allows us to overcome the plateau and barriers that keep us from living our best life.

How Does Nutrigenomics Help You?

Your environment, nutrition, supplementation and genetic makeup are all factors in your overall quality of life. Uncovering the genetic sequence behind a food allergy is not only plausible but becoming a very real element of science.

Nutrigenomics takes the mystery out of why you feel the way you do by creating a profile based on your own DNA response. This profile will help you determine your personal recipe for supplementation, nutrition and exercise your body requires to maintain its health and fitness. It can also determine which nutrients your body needs more or less to prevent chronic diseases such as stroke, heart disease, cancer, and more. The information is all right there – in your DNA code.

Nutrigenomics seeks to identify a number of health-related problems or potential issues in order to identify what works for each individual in terms of food intake, energy, and nutrients. Since each person is different, being able to identify your own personal recipe for great health is not only interesting, but increasingly valuable.  The environment we live in is an ever-changing and tricky place, and without nutrigenomics, it’s difficult to know just how our bodies react to what we ingest.  Using Nutrigenomics to find some of the answers can be helpful with metabolic health factors, food sensitivities, weight management, digestive responses, eating behaviors and overall nutritional needs.

Here are some things we know for sure:

Our genes are activated by common chemicals that we consume and are exposed to in our environment.Those same genes are thought to play a role in whether or not we become susceptible to chronic diseases.Your diet is known to be a risk factor in a variety of serious and deadly diseases.Best practice nutritional information works for some people but not everyone.Being able to identify an individual’s physical reaction to a variety of different nutrients, foods and environmental stressors allows us to develop a personalized approach to our daily lives that could prevent or even cure chronic disease and other physical ailments.

What if you could change how you felt by simply switching a gene on or off?  Nutrigenomics is the key to examining our body’s reaction to what we consume and how that consumption affects our genetic activity – including the impact that has on our body as a whole.

How is it Tested?

You don’t need to supply anything other than a saliva test for a Nutrigenomics profile.  There are many different tests to choose from, but the most comprehensive one tests 55 genetic markers related to inflammatory responses, nutrient metabolism, cellular toxicity, cardio metabolic health, nutritional and pharmaceutical intolerances, and more.

It typically takes two to three weeks to get your personalized nutrition profile and results back. Once we have the profile in hand, we can help you rebuild your lifestyle foundations to get the results you want.

What Does the Test Provide?

With our guidance, the help of a simple cheek swab, and the laboratory analysis and reporting of the talented folks in the genetic laboratory, we can give you lifestyle recommendations and health precautions.  Additionally, we seek to take the guesswork out of needed supplements, recommended nutrients and nutritional oversight in order to begin to overcome certain genetic weaknesses affecting overall health and wellness.

Discovering a genetic polymorphism is not the diagnosis of a disease.  Identifying those areas that may be deficient just means you may have a predisposition for a condition, and if your system is exposed to the right environment, it could ignite that gene expression.  We focus on identifying those areas of potential deficiency.  Think of it as finding a crack in the foundation of a building. Our goal is to help identify those cracks and then help to reinforce those weaknesses with the right tools.  Knowing where the cracks are, tells us where to focus our attention and help maintain support.

How Accurate are the Results?

As mentioned above, the test results can’t diagnose or predict health conditions or diseases, but it accurately isolates problem areas that a healthcare professional can use to tailor your needs. The test isolates genetic markers that affect your responses to your environment.

Do I Have Access to My Results?

Due to privacy restrictions, your results are handled by a professional, and you will receive a copy of those results. The results are securely encrypted through a 256-bit encryption server to protect you and your results.  While the test can’t diagnose or predict health conditions or diseases, it can supply a much-needed guiding light in your life.

Is Nutrigenomics for You?

These results will help you unravel the mysteries of your own body. Your personalized genetic nutrition profile is the key to unlocking what ails you. With this information, you can approach your life in a knowledgeable, efficient and healthy way.

Stop Doing it the Hard Way

Tired of spending money on multiple supplements that may or may not work, the run-around with doctors and nutritionists that mean well but can only offer you generic recommendations and best practices? We hear you. Our team wants to offer you a solution based on what works optimally for YOU and you alone.

If nothing seems to work for you and you are tired of not feeling your best, schedule your free consultation today and take that first step toward living well and feeling fantastic.

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