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New Year’s Resolutions To Feel Better And Address Health Issues

New Year’s Resolutions to Feel Better and Address Health Issues

Resolutions are popular in the new year but many of them are hard to maintain. By February, most people have abandoned them altogether. However, if you have been feeling less than great, these resolutions will do more than make you feel good about becoming a better you – they’ll get you on the path to health and wellness and feeling fantastic every day.

Manage Stress

The more we find out about stress, the more serious the conversation becomes. Stress is the cause of so many ailments but it also is a difficult thing to manage in an overworked and overwhelmed culture. Recognizing your stress triggers and having a plan for stress reduction and relaxation is important.

If your emotions are keeping you from living a stress-free life, you could find your energy and outlook much improved by undergoing emotional clearing therapy.

Get Active

If you’re like most people, you aren’t regularly meeting any guidelines for physical activity. In fact, many of you probably have no idea just how great your body would feel if it was getting the exercise it needed on a regular basis. Before you sit down to binge your favorite show, ask yourself if you’ve done enough physical activity that day. Walking and dancing count so there’s no excuse not to get up and move your body for 30 minutes a few days a week.

Eat Better

You’ve heard the saying and it’s true–food is medicine–so eating a less-processed, low sugar, plant-based diet is the key to feeling better in the new year. Changing your lifestyle is hard, but it really will do wonders for how you feel each day.

You may find that just changing your diet and getting more active isn’t enough. If you are making all the right choices and still feel rundown (or like something isn’t quite right), it could be a nutritional deficiency. Since each person is genetically different, simply popping a supplement may not fix the issue. Genetic testing is the only way for you to find out what the root causes could be and develop a plan to attack the problem at its source.

Check Your Digestion

Everything in your body reacts to signals from your brain. Therefore, if something isn’t working properly – issues with gut health, for example – it’s caused by triggers the brain is sending to the gastrointestinal system. The brain isn’t out to get you – it’s trying to protect you. Often this protection is initiated because a person is consuming foods or beverages that their system doesn’t tolerate well. The added stress on your body commonly manifests as a weakened immune system or illness.

Once you’ve done nutrigenomics testing to determine what you need to feel better, there will still be times when your system needs a reboot. The BioSET system was designed to reset imbalances in the body. One of your resolutions this year could be taking a more personalized, individualized – and, therefore, more effective – approach to your own physical health.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to getting healthy. This year we encourage you to focus on getting to a better place physically and emotionally so you can tackle all those goals with ease and grace.


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